Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lavender Kyphi Supreme On Sale 4/20

The Lavender Kyphi Supreme, the latest in the kyphi line-up, will be up for sale April 20, 2014. Watch for it on The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary, this one is extra special and you wouldn't want to miss out on one of the finest kyphi incenses The Scented Djinn has ever created.

We started with a fat papaya, peeled and cut, then dried in a dehydrator. We then mixed the dried papaya with a nice dark, rich red wine, and let it soak. While that was brewing, we took huge handfuls of organically grown lavender buds, combined them with benzoin resin powder, santal wood chips, which we finely powdered, hand-ground orris root, and pine resin powder, and soaked them in a sweet white wine. Both the dried fruit and herb blends were soaked for three days before being combined. In a pot on the burner, we mixed honey, frankincense resin, myrrh resin, and pine resin to create a sticky fragrant binder for the incense, then mixed the binder into the dried fruit and herbs mash. Over the next few days we added more lavender buds, plus vanilla pods, tolu balsam, and opoponax. As the mixture dried, we added drops of Buena Vista, spike, grosso, and super fine lavender oils. Once the kyphi was malleable, we rolled it out and cut it into triangles and 'floured' the triangles in a mixture of finely powdered frankincense resin and lavender buds. The Lavender Kyphi Supreme pieces now rest in a copper pot covered in frankincense powder and lavender buds until the time comes to set them to burn.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Putting the Lavender Kyphi to Bed

Rolling board spread with lavender and frankincense 'flour'

Dried kyphi

Rolling board

Lavender buds and frankincense in mortar

Powdered lavender and frankincense

I actually ground the lavender buds and frankincense in a coffee grinder dedicated to resins; this little dark green ball of wax is really lavender oil and frankincense resin melted together, created by the heat of the grinder ~ burned on a charcoal and it smelled like sleepy time heaven

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Natural Perfume Academy Readies for New Spring 2014 Perfumery Course

The Natural Perfume Academy online, the school where I teach, tutor, and mentor students of Natural Botanical Perfumery, is readying for the newest course, the six-month intensive, which opens in late February and begins instruction in March. For more information, contact the course administrator at The Natural Perfume Academy, or


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