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More Stuff!

The change in the weather has really brought something out here at The Scented Djinn's dimly lit studio -- out with the old, in with the new, and in with some stuff that hasn't been here for a while!

Check out The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary site for our new beautifully aged (see? old, new, what is it?) powder incenses ~ Magic for general burning purposes, and there are the elementals ~ Air, Water, Fire and Earth.

The Djinn has also put up a couple of skin elixirs that have been here before ~ Haseki and Mahidevran. New low prices too.

Watch the site for more strange and unusual fall skin stuff -- Black Pumpkin Balm, a mango butter blend and some soap!

Face Scrubs On Sale

We've got a few of these face scrub deals left ~ the two-for-one sale.

The Scented Djinn will send you, our choice, two of our delicious skin-loving scrubs from this list:

Karima Scrub ~ French green clay, finely ground forbidden purple rice, and rhassoul clay (80 grams) --- and/or ---

Haseki Scrub ~ organic cane sugar, raw ground almonds and ground organic coconut (80 grams) --- and/or ---

Mahidevran Scrub ~ raw ground pumpkin seeds, organic hemp seeds, black poppy seeds, powdered red rose petals (62 grams) ---and/or---

Jamshyd Green Rooibos & Blueberry Seed Scrub ~ ground forbidden rice, green rooibos tea and blueberry seeds --- and/or ---

Sapphira Pomegranate & Violets Sugar Scrub ~ organic cane sugar, forbidden rice, Anardano pomegranate powder and violet flower powder (80 grams)

These are dry scrubs which make them versatile and long-lasting. No worries about refrigerating them (unless you get a little water inside the jar). Add one of our home distilled hydrosols to wet the…

The Scented Djinn's Hydrosols

The Scented Djinn is building up quite a collection of hydrosols, and more are coming in the near future. A few customers and friends have told me they're using the hydrosols in some of their products -- the lime has found its way into a lime and coconut perfume, and the kombu sea kelp was poured into a batch of soap! Talk about multi-purpose!

Some people think hydrosols are limited in use, but I'm here to tell you, it ain't so. Did you know you can drink them? Add them to cake batter for a touch of flavor and scent? Imagine a lovely white cake with a hint of key lime or luscious nectarine flavor. What a treat! And as some people have been doing, adding them to their own creative processes -- perfumes and soap!

You can spray the hydrosols on your wet hair after a shower, or even add a bit to your scent-free conditioner for a little extra oomph. What hydrosols do for your skin is beyond amazing. Add them to your facial scrubs or simply use them as toners or skin refreshers. I…

Raw Honey and Granny Smith Apple Hydrosol

Delicious sweet honey and tart Granny Smith apple hydrosol ~ yum!

Going Retro!

It has been brought to the Dinn's attention that customers of old (not old customers) are asking for a retro fall line up of natural skincare and scented wonders ~ so a few scents of yore will be turned from their original bath fizzy form into butters and oils. Lovies like Marguerite with ylang, patchouli, bergamot, rose and vanilla sprinkled with irridescent glitter and made in a base of gooey mango butter; Meditatio with frankincense, grapefruit, ho wood, bergamot, sandalwood, myrrh, clary sage and cedarwood with a hint of rose, and Hot Buttered Hippy with a cacophonic blend of luscious patchoulis, a bit of butter CO2 and a liberal dosing of sheer golden mica. Sound good? Watch for these retro-blends, and more, in the coming weeks. Ciao!

Artisan Copper Distilled Kombu Sea Kelp Hydrosol

Yep. Sea kelp. Sea veggies. People, I've been told, pay a lot of money to get wrapped in this stuff. I wouldn't know. I just spray the hydro on my face and I'm off.

Currently in stock at The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary.

18th Annual Harvest Arts & Peace Festival

Once again The Scented Djinn will be presenting fabulous natural handmade soaps, skincare and Natural Botanical Perfume at the nursery in Prather. This year is particularly special since this event almost didn't happen. Due to issues beyond the nursery's control they were left with a potential parking space limit, and with an event that draws several hundred people a year, parking is crucial. Those concerns have been put to rest and the show will go on! Mark your calendars for the 18th Annual Harvest Arts & Peace Festival, October 9th 10am-5pm, and October 10th 10am-4pm. This isn't just a craft show, it's a party! There's free music both days, crafters and artisans of all handmade items, great vegetarian and vegan foods, and plants, plants, plants! Always fun.