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Review of a Custom Perfume Roll-On Oil

This is the latest personal note from a customer who received her custom perfume based on a floral theme:

"*My perfume* smells like a magic garden where the magnolias are always blossoming, the orange trees are always full of fruit, white peacocks strut among the carnations, and roses of every color climb the walls of a palace of rose quartz and silver. It has so many different layers that it gives the feeling of walking though this garden, experiencing all of its wonders in turn. I'm pleased to have inspired such a lovely fragrance."

Creme Parfum ~ New at The Scented Djinn

For this newest Creme Parfum, we dug deep -- into the box of rare and exquisite aromatics, the box with the oldest patchouli and frankincense, the richest and rarest floral absolutes, and the strangest and most surprising scents in the world and came up with this little gem ~ an incense inspired floral creme parfum we call Coeur de l'encens -- the heart of incense. We used a gorgeous (never used in our studio before) 13-year-old finely extracted frankincense absolute, a luscious and sweet jasmine sambac concrete, and a generous amount of our limited Uttar Pradesh steam-distilled organic rose essential oil. All together, blended with the raw unrefined super sweet beeswax and soft creamy shea butter, this creme parfum smells like a fine soft powdery floral incense. Stunning and not to be missed.

Latest Reviews of The Scented Djinn's Wares

On Jasmine Cocoa Herbal Natural Sugar Scrub ~ "Gorgeous blend. So gorgeous in fact that I haven't used it yet..I am just sniffing it from the bottle...for now..."

On Egyptian Kyphi Parfum Oil ~ "Lovely perfume! It's my new mellow scent for the fall."

On Rose Geranium & Olive Leaf Copper Distilled Hydrosol ~ "Love Justine's hydrosols as always! A return of a favorite and I'm more than pleased."

Magnolia May Natural Handmade Soap

Magnolia May Natural Handmade Soap at The Scented Djinn ~

Magnolia, ylang-ylang, patchouli, patchouli 'dust', extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut, and organic sunflower oil. Sweet vegan soap!

Sugandh Kokila Soap

All natural handmade vegan soap featuring sugandh kokila essential oil ~ At The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary.

Recent Reviews of Our Scented Wares

On Lavender Kyphi Supreme Incense ~ "I ordered three incenses; all were works of olfactory art, and I'm reviewing this one because it's my favourite. The scent is so serene, quieting the mind for meditation, carrying away stress, or perfuming the room before sleep. I love my entire order and am so glad to have this wonderful incense that is obviously handmade with such care." Oct. 17, 2014

On Modhlim ~ "A wonderful scent - mysterious and exotic. Makes one feel special wearing it." October 17, 2014

On Pink Lotus Spiritual Awakening Kyphi Incense ~ "Delicious smelling. I need a lifetime supply! Thank you" October 12, 2014

On Pywacket A Black Cat Parfum ~ What a Halloween treat! If you're an anise lover, you'll be smitten. On me, the dry down is a gorgeous combination of anise and bitter orange. Mmm..." October 6, 2014


I love serendipitous meetings! Yesterday, after spending a bit of time wrapping and labeling two small batches of soap, I walked down to the tea shop (Wilwand) to deliver some of the soap. After sitting at the tea bar for an hour or so, and drinking down three cups of a magical blend that was out of this world beautiful, I opened the bag of goodies to show the shop keep. I had brought three Sarasvati soaps, and seven Lavender Kyphi soaps, plus a sample of Sarasvati for the owner to use, and a sample of the newest compounded incense resin and parfum, Thracian Rose ~ well, the incense parfum got worn and burned, and four bars of soap were sold before I left the place! I do have to admit, though, that these latest scent wares have come out stunningly fragrant and hit the spot olfactorily with a lot of people. The reason I brought only three of the Sarasvati soap? I held back about half this batch for myself because it's just that darned good! Normally I keep the end cuts and the '…

Lavender Kyphi Perfumed Soap

Now at The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary ~ Lavender Kyphi Perfumed Soap

Killer Sugar Scrub ~ Jasmine Cocoa Herbal

This sugar scrub is so nice! Made using natural non-gmo cane sugar, a beautiful magickal herb complex of cocoa, fenugreek, kava kava, orange peel, red rose petals, uva ursi, and wild cherry bark, and super scented with jasmine sambac, cocoa absolute, and vanilla. Includes organic jojoba.

Smells delicious and exfoliates gently.

2 oz by weight in glass top tin


Egyptian Style Kyphi Incense On Sale Now at The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary

Egyptian Kyphi Incense for prosperity, abundance, and blessings.