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Were there enough capital letters in that announcement? I think NOT! Well, yeah, okay, enough of that already.

The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary is selling off its stock of scrubs in pairs at really, really, really (one more really?) cheap prices ~ $6.50 for two bottles of scrub (I was selling these for $12.50 a bottle last fall). What you get when you order is our choice, but I'll try to mix 'em up for you.

The scrubs available are Karima, Haseki and Mahidevran, made with all natural, and in some cases, all organic, ingredients.

Check it out.

NEW Soap!

One new soap, two sizes ~ Patchouli and Stuff Regular Size Handmade Botanical Soap (that little 'un there on the saucer), and Patchouli and Stuff Chunky Size Handmade Botanical Soap (that fat bar there on the granite).

Why two sizes? Why not? Some people like to cut bits and pieces off their soap to share, or to make the whole bar last a bit longer, other people like big bars of clunky soap in their hands, while yet others prefer regular hand-sized bars to rub over their skin.

Beautifully scented with three different patchouli oils, Peru balsam, a little pink grapefruit, a splash of cassia and some holy basil -- smells deep and resinous and delicious. And the base is made with The Scented Djinn's favorite oils -- virgin olive, coconut, organic cocoa butter and organic hempseed.

Get a big one to share, or a regular one to hoard, either way, it's all good. Really good.

La Tubereuse Eau Fraiche Giveaway


La Tubereuse Eau Fraiche is lovely. Exquisite. Refreshing. And if you spray it on your clothes, the scent lingers for days . . .

One lucky winner will receive a FULL 35 ml bottle (retail value $47 USD) by leaving a comment AND making this blog or the Oh True Apothecary blog a favorite on Networked Blogs or Google Friend Connect. Tell me which one you're connecting to in your comment and you're in!

BONUS GIFT! The Scented Djinn will also toss in a full 2ml sample of the newest, yet-to-be-released extrait, Atay.

So, belly up and get in for your chance to win!

Sample Packets Available at The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary

Order a sample packet of The Scented Djinn's most popular perfumes before committing to a full bottle ~

Packets include Khodum, Sahar, Jameel, Serj, Oshiba and La Tubereuse Eau Fraiche.

La Tubereuse Eau Fraiche 35 ml

La Tubereuse Eau Fraiche in 35 ml bottle is now available at The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary. Unlike The Scented Djinn's previous eaux fraiche, and eaux fraiche in general, La Tubereuse is long-wearing, more like an eau de toilette. Enjoy the scent of sultry sweet tuberose, vanilla and patchouli in a nifty 35 ml spray bottle -- spritz to your heart's content!

Khodum ~ Servant Spirit of the Djinn Eau de Parfum

Khodum Eau de Parfum now available at The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary.

Beauty in the hand of wickedness . . .

Khodum is made of spice and earth, subterranean shadows of anise and musky ambrette, lush florals, transient mosses, and sour notes of apple and davana.

Key notes: badiane, ambrette, tuberose, spiced florals and apple blossom.

Also includes notes of petitgrain bigarade, neroli, cinnamon bark, lemon petitgrain, rose petal tincture, hyacinth evulsion, blue lotus, jasmine grandiflorum, black currant bud, vanilla, almond, cognac, and a rare, vintage oakmoss resin.

Based on a brief written by NNAPA perfumery student and blogger extraordinaire, Dimitrios Dimitriadis.

5 ml bottle in velveteen pouch