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Kyphi Perfume Oil Coming Soon!

Working On Perfume Oils

The newest, and technically first, in a series of oil based natural perfumes is being worked on ~ Yasmina, a gorgeous jasmine grandiflorum soliflore (which really isn't a soliflore at all since we add other elements to make the jasmine shine). Our new line of oil-based perfumes are made using organic jojoba oil and the finest essential oils, absolutes, concretes, waxes, and CO2's we can find.

Coming soon!

Etsy Did Something Funny

I was just poking around The Scented Djinn Etsy site, cleaning things up, updating stuff, and finally adding a credit card payment function, when I noticed that all my products were listed in CAD -- Canadian currency. So, without freaking out (too much) I did a little research and found out that sometimes when the credit card function is chosen, it temporarily changes the currency. I went into payments and currency and it was all in USD, so I saved it (again), then checked the site and it's back to USD. Very odd. I suppose I should watch these things in the future, yes?

New Shampoo Bar Readying for its Debut

Quite a few years ago, The Scented Djinn made and sold shampoo bars with such lovely herbs as amla and henna and beer. We've recently resurrected our shampoo bar notebook from the Bin-of-Many-Formulas, and created a new shampoo bar -- a cross between our famous Drunken Lout Shampoo Bar that was made with Guinness and honey, and one of our lovely herb infused shampoo bars, to bring to you (soon) Drunken Lout & Nettles Shampoo Bar. We also mixed things up a bit and made these using a hot soaping process instead of our usual gentle cold process soap making technique. This batch of Drunken Lout & Nettles Shampoo Bar is infused with coconut cream, pimento berry oil, and palmarosa, making it both masculine and feminine, which, as confusing as it may sound, actually works out beautifully scent-wise. We hope to have these on our Etsy site by early to mid-September.

Olfactory Rescue Service Review of The Scented Djinn's Kyphi Incense(s)

"Justine Crane is a perfumer of the old school, using natural essences and materials to produce luxury perfumes, body products and incense. I have tried two of her Kyphi blends and was impressed by both.
The Red Kyphi has all the deep qualities one might expect from a Kyphi blend, there are also many other layers in here, lots of study time and a good choice as a meditative scent. Overall, to my nose, there is an herbal scent as well as a resinated feel to it mixed in with a sort of animal note. Not in the sense of actual animal materials as much as a feeling or vibration. Think Primal scent. This is not the type of incense that is going to fill up a room if used on an electric heater (which is what I am using). It is more along the lines of wearing a very close perfume or cologne that is for your benefit(or someone you are close to).
The Pink Lotus Kyphi is stronger the Red and also has a very interesting progression of scents. The pink lotus aspect jumps right out, …

New Soap! Ansali Aromatic Soap

Ansali Aromatic Soap is just that -- aromatic! But besides being really heavily scented, it's got some skin-loving stuff in it as well, like passionflower extract and coconut cream, and patchouli! Well, y'know, because everything at The Scented Djinn's gotta have a little patchouli in it somewhere, right?

 Ansali was made to honor the feminine, the eternal, the divine.

organic olive oil

organic coconut oil

organic palm kernel oil

rose water
dark, delicious aged patchouli oil
pink grapefruit
petit grain
blood orange

passionflower extract
patchouli leaf powder

You should smell it. It's simply fabulous. Ready for sale August 27.

Current Soap Selections at The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary

Falling Into Autumn ~ patchouli, spike lavender, Siam wood, and nutmeg

Solstice ~ lemongrass and vetyver

Basil Lime ~ basil and lime

Arnica & Rosemary ~ arnica and rosemary

New Soap Ready August 14

The newest soap from The Scented Djinn will be ready August 14. Beautifully scented with loads of aged patchouli (no kidding, I just tipped the big liter bottle and poured), spike lavender, siam wood, and nutmeg CO2 ~ it smells heavenly! The base is a simple virgin organic olive oil, virgin organic coconut oil, and a dollop of luscious coconut cream. These soaps promise to be something spectacular.

Rose Geranium & Olive Leaf Hydrosol is BACK!

We made a batch of this toner a couple of years ago and decided since it turned out so nicely, we'd make another batch in July 2014. We made a really small batch as the materials used to make this perfect hydrosol were in limited supply. We hope to distill larger batches towards the fall and will have this hydrosol pretty much year-round -- or until we sell out.

Made with organically grown rose geranium (from my dear departed Mum's cuttings) and olive leaves plucked from an organically grown tree on a farm in the Central San Joaquin Valley.

Low heat copper distilled.

2.5 oz

Tuberose & Patchouli Body Mist All Natural All Botanical

Tuberose & Patchouli Body Mist ~ sweet, lush tuberose and sweet, earthy patchouli combine to create a lovely floral body mist. We've added just a hint of vanilla because we didn't think it was sweet enough.

Use as an all over body spray. Made with distilled water, organic grape alcohol, aged patchouli essential oil, tuberose absolute, and vanilla absolute.

2.5 oz fine mist spray