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2015 Fresh Labels

New Hydrosol!

We attempted to create this hydrosol on two occasions. The first time around we blew the still pot completely off the heat source and spent three hours cleaning up the mess. We're still finding evidence of little crumbs of the burst pot, so the cleaning hasn't officially come to an end.

The second time around we lowered the temperature on the still, and didn't fill the still up to the fill line, giving the raw materials inside plenty of room to roll around.

So what's this explosive new hydrosol? A beautiful co-distillation of Hawai'ian sandalwood (Santalum paniculatum) and Omani frankincense (Boswellia sacra). The scent is fresh and warm with deep notes of sacred temple frankincense embraced by sweet woody notes of sandalwood. It's really a one-of-a-kind creation, and possibly the only time we make it here in our stillroom.

Kyphi Beard Oil 100% Natural at The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary

Beard Oil #1

Though not quite ready for production, we've got the scent base and the oil base down, plus we've designed new labels to go with the new beard oils ~

Beard Oils ~ In the Works

We've been toying with the idea of creating something special for the boys. Beards are all the rage these days, and we say, yay! to beards -- it's hard not to notice the bearded ones as they're so darned handsome! The best beards, long or short, are those that are carefully tended, trimmed and perfumed (think Babylonian kings). After a few months researching the best ingredients to use in beards, we think we've hit upon the perfect beard grooming solution.

It's nice to be building something for the boys again. Back in our more formal business days, when we were co-owners of the lovely store Delicia in the Tower District of Fresno, CA, we created a number of lovely skincare goodies for the guys -- Tesla, a beautiful after shave skin balm that just screamed manly manliness, and our Himalayan cedar body butter, and then there was a gorgeous, deep, smoky, earthy, dirty soap using loads of Haitian vetyver root oil. We had a customer, a man, who would come into our shop …

New Old Items Back in the Apothecary

Serj eau de Parfum is back in the shop after a few days off. Serj is one of our original edp's from our first true classical perfumery line from 2008.

"Serj is a deep, resinous, floral scent with old world appeal. Smells delicious on both men and woman. The fir balsam in Serj gives it a deep and fruity sweet coniferous forest feel which is bolstered by the freshness of the orange essence and the deep floral creaminess of the hyacinth evulsion. The dry down is lush earthy patchouli and labdanum with hints of benzoin and vanilla.

Key Notes: Hyacinth, osmanthus, fir balsam, orange juice, and labdanum

Head notes ~ orange essence, aglaia flower, violet leaf, coriander seed and frankincense carterii

Heart notes ~ hand tinctured blue hyacinth, osmanthus, clove and jasmine auriculatum

Base notes ~ ruh khus, patchouli, oakmoss, labdanum, Siam benzoin, vanilla and fir balsam "

It's a very sensual and sexy scent, warm and primal.

6 ml for $18

Pywacket, A Black Cat Parfum i…

Organic Bamboo Charcoal & Organic White Rose Hydrosol With Organic Rose Otto Soap!


Up for sale at The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary ~

Back to Basics

In recent years, The Scented Djinn has been focused primarily on perfume. Prior to that, years and years ago, The Scented Djinn was Delicia, and before that, Sierra Soapourri, and we created lush natural skincare

-- body butters, soaps, body scrubs, balms, and anointing oils. Since experimenting with kyphi incense just three short years ago, we've slowly evolved (or re-evolved) to our roots, with a lot more experience in scenting under our belts. This year, 2015, we are focusing on all manner of decadence and healing, and are going to be producing more natural skincare (scented just right) than ever before. We will continue to create beautiful one-of-a-kind perfumes, and will be expanding our incense lines, both for the home/temple and the body. Since we are a small artisan business and enjoy experimenting with natural elements in their raw state (flowers, barks, leaves, resins), we will be offering many limited edition healing aromatics -- beard oils and face oils featuring jasmi…

Inspiration in the Rain

New Soaps On the Horizon

Coming soon, within a week or so, are two new soaps, both therapeutic, both lovely in their own right ~

Lavender & Tea Tree Soap with, well, lavender and tea tree! As usual, we make our soaps using only the best base materials, in this case, organic virgin coconut oil and organic cold pressed virgin olive oil.

Bamboo Charcoal & Organic White Rose soap ~ super simple, and so gorgeous! Made with a base of organic virgin coconut oil organic red palm oil from Ecuador, and organic virgin olive oil to which we add activated bamboo charcoal and ethereal organic white rose hydrosol from Bulgaria, and just a touch of our rare and beautiful organic rose otto from India.

Sacred Body Incense ~ Up for Sale at The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary