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Gifts from the Djinn

Well, technically not 'gifts', per se, since you do have to pay a small fee to get them, but for a limited time, The Scented Djinn is offering two instant download PDF files from our apothecary for only $2.00 USD ~ Kyphi: Magic and Art, Creating the Breath of the Gods, and A Perfumer's Cookbook Volume 1. That's two of our bestselling booklets for less than the price of one -- much less than the price of one.  Happy Holidays!


Egyptian Kyphi Parfum Oil "Exquisite! The Egyptian Kyphi Parfum Oil is a rich, complex scent. I love wearing it, and the way it mellows through the day. This shop is exquisite overall - fast shipping, excellent products - highly recommended."
Premium White Howjary Frankincense Resin From Oman Salalah Boswellia Sacra Superior "Truly ethereal frankincense resin. Unbelievable quality and results"
Mahidevran Skin and Hair Elixir "The Mahidevran Skin and Hair El…

New Soaps! Handmade, Vegan, Organic!

In the past week we've added four new artisan style soaps to our soap category ~
Sweet Lemon Spice



and Winter Solstice