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Happiness & Tranqulity Soap

Mmmmm, this soap is divine! Creamy and soothing, made with cold pressed extra virgin olive and coconut oils, and a generous splash of coconut cream, and scented with delicious joy inspiring oils and absolutes ~ neroli, bergamot, petit grain, dark patchouli, jasmine grandiflorum floral infusion and jasmine sambac absolute, plus a few drops of vetyver oil ~ again, mmmmm. What's most amazing is that the rose damascena flower buds which grace this soap smell delicious too! A super floral, super lovely soap for your super skin.

Why Happiness and Tranquility? Because neroli and bergamot and rose inspire joy, and vetyver and patchouli inspire tranquility. A most peaceful soap. And those spots? Those are made from drizzling a wee bit of the scent oils over the top of the soap as it cured.

New Soap and Perfumes On the Horizon

The Scented Djinn has obtained some lovely, well-cared-for vintage oils for soaping -- rosemary, peppermint, cocoa resinoid, palmarosa, Egyptian and Comoros basils, hops, elemi (oh, lovely vintage elemi), pimento berry, and angelica. Aren't you excited? We are!

We are also working on organizing the new workspace to provide easy access to the perfuming oils, which until now have been packed away, or scattered haphazardly across the work bench, used mostly for evaluation and scent reinforcement exercises. Now we're ready to get to work!

We also found a lovely artisan distiller of beautiful lavender oil, Ring Botanicals in Portland, Oregon. You can tell from the quality of the oils that Ring Botanicals takes a lot of care and patience in the preparation of their distillations. They even package their oils in violet glass, which cuts nearly all of the light from reaching the contents of the bottles, thereby preserving them more efficiently than if they were stored in clear glass.

Natural Perfume Academy Readies for New Spring 2014 Course

The Natural Perfume Academy online, the school where I teach, tutor, and mentor students of Natural Botanical Perfumery, is readying for the newest course, the six-month intensive, which opens in late February and begins instruction in March. For more information, contact the course administrator at The Natural Perfume Academy, or

Winners of First Official PIF

The winners of The Scented Djinn's first official PIF are:

Roseanne Colucci and Petra Muchova.

Please send me your addresses by contacting me at

Thank you all for participating and wait for another PIF in late February 2014.

Pay it Forward Day!

I'm thinking of doing this once a month ~ a wee giveaway to introduce new clients to some of The Scented Djinn's wares, and to treat existing clients with a little extra something in appreciation of their continued patronage and support.

So today's PIF gift is -----> a packet of Red Kyphi incense to one lucky winner, and another packet of Pink Lotus Kyphi to another lucky winner.

All you have to do is leave a comment here on The Scented Djinn blog, and like The Scented Djinn Facebook page. If you don't have a Facebook account, no worries. Leave your message here and you will be entered into the drawing. The drawing will be held in two days (Sunday, 26 January).
Want to see a glimpse of your destiny? A better future, or a plan of action to steer clear of potentially harmful situations? Or do you simply want a question answered? The Scented Djinn's been reading tarot for 20 plus years and offers her services to the curious.

A traditional 10-card spread is laid down and your fortune is seen within.

Please Note: This is for entertainment purposes only and in no way meant to predict your future ~ your deeds -- or misdeeds -- dictate your destiny.
From a customer of a 10-card Tarot reading from The Scented Djinn ~ "I found Justine's gift in reading a 10-card spread to be like having someone walk into my life for the day, to see how it is that I was getting life fulfilled. I found her direct & to the point without sugarcoating anything that one might want to ignore! Good Guidance!"

Pink Lotus Kyphi

Our newest addition to The Scented Djinn kyphis is this Pink Lotus Kyphi made with tons (actually ounces) of real pink lotus wax/concrete. The scent is deep and resinous with lots of warm floral notes and a slight watery aspect. Sublime.

Burn on a charcoal in a firesafe burner or electric incense burner/diffuser.

This beautiful kyphi is composed of the following natural ingredients:

Ambrette seed
Sweet Moscato wine
Pink Lotus wax
Dragon's blood
Black sage
Sumatra benzoin
Tuberose concrete
Bee cappings
Siam benzoin
Whole red rose buds
Jasmine sambac absolute

1/2 oz ~ $9.00