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Natural Perfume Academy Announces September Course in Natural Perfumery Who should take the Natural Perfume Academy Course?

Independent Natural Botanical PerfumersIn-house Company PerfumersEssential Oil producers, Bulk sellers, distillers, distributors and agentsThose in the beauty therapy and salon industry.Retail oulets in the beauty and perfume industry.Those who are serious about the subject and want to step up to the professional level.
What will the Natural Perfume Academy Course do for an existing perfumery business or company?
The Natural Perfume Academy distance-learning course provides a cost-effective, flexible element in the training of professionals in the perfumery industry. It provides a world view of the Natural Perfume industry so that individuals can improve their capabilities.

For essential oil producers and distributors, the course not only presents distinct consideration of this level of the industry, but also provides better insight into how and why materials a…
Peaseblossom Eau de Toilette on Etsy I finally decided to put Peaseblossom EdT up for sale on Etsy, after sitting on her for a year. Go check her out, she's really cute.