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New Soap ~ Sylvan Dreams

The Scented Djinn is offering our newest soap, Sylvan Dreams, at The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary

The base is a simple virgin olive, organic coconut, and coconut milk -- non-drying, super bubbly.

The scent base is a forest lovers dream ~ rich in balsam fir, Virginia cedar and blood cedar enhanced by the oils of copaiba (antique), juniper berry, patchouli, cananga, black pepper and lemon. We also added just the barest hint of natural isolate raspberry ketone to boost the deep dark berry notes found in balsam fir. The result is a fresh, rustic, outdoorsy scent with 'sticking' power. Also included as an exfoliating agent are bits of crushed pine resin and Douglas fir pine needle tips.

3 - 3.25 oz bar ~ $4.50