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Do Your Skin a Favor

So summer's done with, over, finito! But with the cooler days come a different set of skin problems, particularly the dreaded dryness. Summer is all about cooling and saving sun scorched skin, winter's about hydration, and nothing hydrates quite as nicely as a big glass of purified water -- um -- for drinking, of course, and a spritz of calming frankincense hydrosol now and again. Home distilled in January 2009, The Scented Djinn's lovely and gorgeously aromatic frankincense hydrosol is just the ticket. Do your skin a favor and love it up with hydrosols this winter!

Sapphira Pomegranate & Violets Sugar Scrub

Recent comment left for Sapphira Pomegranate & Violets Sugar Scrub ~ This scrub mixed with honey is the best. I let it sit on my face for a few, and then rinse, hello soft baby skin! Love it!

Sapphira Pomegranate & Violets Sugar Scrub is a dry scrub, that means you can add water, honey (as the customer who left this comment does), hydrosols, milk, whatever you like to make a wet paste and apply to your skin. It also means the scrub won't go bad on you as long as you keep the contents dry.

Raves About The Scented Djinn's "Strange and Unusual Bolivian Rose Salt and Moroccan Clay Soap"

From Becca M. ~ I've been using antibiotics and other acne medication for years to keep my chronic acne in check, but since I started using this weird soap (that's the Strange and Unusual Bolivian Rose . . . Soap) I haven't had to use any of my creams, and I let my antibiotic prescription run out! I don't need them anymore. Don't ever stop making this incredible soap!

Little Sister ~ My sis got a big bar of this and cut off a piece for me. She said it would help with my acne, and it really has!

Anonymous ~ What is this stuff? It's like magic!

From the Djinn: I'm not sure what that last comment means, but . . . whatever, I'll take it!

NEW Stuff! New Stuff! New Stuff! At Etsy

Gobs, loads, heaps of soaps are on The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary these days. No pictures, though, which really doesn't help matters. Still without a home computer set up and using computers here and there. Which isn't a bad thing since I'm getting so much done -- soaps, for one!

So, the new handmade soaps that are up on Etsy are:

Lemongrass Tuxedo
Creamy Lemongrass
Woods and Moss and Tea
Lavender Clary Sage
Frankincense & Myrrh (put four up last week and they disappeared almost instantly!)
and last, but not least,

But also, -- also there are some melt and pour soaps, little delicious delicacies that can't withstand the heat and chemical forces of cold processed soap ~

Eau de Violettes
Eau de Jasmine (grandiflorum)
Sunny Saffron

See 'em here!

NEW Orange Blossom Everlasting Mango & Olive Perfume Butter Balm

Wow! That's a mouth full, isn't it? But oh, so good! Go check it out at The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary.

A Little About The Scented Djinn's Hydrosols

I wasn't sure if anybody was aware, though I've put it in print on several venues, that I make the hydrosols I sell. Sometimes they're the goal of a distillation, sometimes they're the happily accepted consequence of an attempt at obtaining essential oils, either way, the hydros are just gorgeous. Especially the frankincense boswellia carterii. One very important thing I've learned making hydrosols, is that they need to age, just like an essential oil needs a few weeks of settling time after distillation to rid itself of those nasty still notes, so do hydros. The frankincense was ok, very bright and lemony with high resinous tones ~ today, it's just unbelievably spectacular. If you were to sniff it from the bottle with your eyes closed, you wouldn't be able to tell it apart from an open bottle of pure frankincense essential oil, it's that strong and deep and delicious. So if you like frankincense and you like supporting small indy business like The Scen…