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Jasmine & Santal Hair Serum

This begins as a hand crafted pommade of pink jasmine flowers (jasminum polianthes) and organic unrefined coconut oil. After weeks and weeks of placing fresh flowers onto a solid sheet of coconut oil, the oil becomes drenched in pink jasmine scent. After warming and filtering, we added just a bit of French grapeseed oil and a few drops of an aged Sri Lankan sandalwood oil from the heartwood. Both coconut oil and grapeseed oil are wonderful for hair (and beards and mustaches).

We're having a giveaway for one jar of this lovely hair serum on our Facebook page (giveaway ends Friday, April 6, 2015 sorry! That's Friday April 3, 2015).

Free Incense With All Orders is, Sadly, Over

We've run out of incense sticks! Our beautiful agarbatti's reserved as gifts-with-order have been spent. They're gone. Kapoot! We've gotten great feedback from our customers regarding our flagship agarbatti, so we're planning to make more and do the same, sell a little, give a little. What better way to spread the scent of joy?

Agarbatti ~ 100% Natural Agarbatti for Sale at The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary

Winter Tea Rose Hydrosol

We have a very limited edition Winter Tea Rose Hydrosol made right here in our studio up for sale at The Scented Djinn. A carefully tended Cecile Brunner tea rose bush near the coast is blooming in full scented glory, and we plucked a basket of her blossoms to distill. The hydrosol is spectacular!

FREE Incense Sticks With Every Order at The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary

We will be giving away two of our hand rolled incense sticks with each order placed at The Scented Djinn until supplies run out.

These new stick incense are made with Omani frankincense resin powder, makko powder, vetyver root powder, organic pink rose powder, organic bamboo charcoal, jasmine sambac concrete, cassia powder, and then rolled in pink jasmine extract infused Hawai'ian sandalwood chips. The scent is earthy and resinous with hints of buttery wood and sweet jasmine.

Fresh Hand Rolled 100% Natural Stick Incense ~ Jasmine & Sandalwood

Puck's Love Serum ~ A Midsummer Night's Dream 5 ml

Smaller Size Hawai'ian Sandalwood & Omani Frankincense Hydrosol

We're offering smaller sized bottles of our lush Hawai'ian Sandalwood and Omani Frankincense Hydrosol ~ now in 2.5 ounce aluminum spray bottles!

Hand Crafted Pure Natural Incense Sticks Coming Soon!

We've been experimenting our fingers off over here in the lab of fumes and we've finally hit upon a perfect recipe for building lovely all natural hand crafted incense sticks. Some of the pastes we've created using natural, highly scented raw materials have been somewhat difficult to mold onto the sticks -- it's been a real struggle to come up with just the right combination of resin powders to herb powders to organic bamboo charcoal powder (the ignition switch) that are both 'sticky' and will adhere to the bamboo sticks, and something beautifully fragrant and worthy of presenting to the world.

This is a prototype stick ~

We've opted out of rolling the sticks in the chunkier bits of sandalwood and have ground that sandalwood down to more evenly coat the sticks. And just so you know, that sandalwood's been soaking in a 10X tincture of pink jasmine for a week.

Watch for the debut of our newest scent-sational offering ~ natural mini incense sticks!

Return of Pink Lotus Kyphi

We have a limited supply of our fabulous Pink Lotus Kyphi back in stock.