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The Business of Doing Business This is an especially tough time of year for me with regard to selling. I'm not a good hawker. I can't objectively describe my 'goods' without simply listing off the ingredients used, and maybe a comment about how the product made me feel in a moment of clear inspiration, but that doesn't always come. I was there when the art was conceived, and I was there when the art was born, so it's precious to me ~ and, yes, I do consider the vast majority of the products I create as art. I've invested a lot of time and energy and love into perfecting my art, and I continue to work on it. I've been making smells for nearly 20 years, spells for twice as long as that, and they are inevitably intertwined in the work I do. And I live off what I make. The money I acquire through my art pays  insurance, phone, music, and personal items. There's very little left in the kitty after that, but what is goes right back into my ar…