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Selling Vintage Educational and Library Pieces for Your Perfume Organ

Currently for sale at The Scented Djinn Apothecary are bottles of vintage oils and hand tinctured/evulsed natural perfume materials for educational purposes, or to include in a perfumer's educational library.

Snake Root Oil, Vintage 1980's ~ $6.30 per 15 ml bottle

Hyacinth Evulsion/Tincture 2008 ~ $18.00 per 15 ml bottle

Hops Oil, Vintage 1980's-1990's ~ $20.00 per 15 ml bottle

More to come in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on The Scented Djinn's Apothecary page at Etsy.

Key Lime & Rosemary Whole Hydrosol

Key Lime and Organic Rosemary Whole Copper Distilled Hydrosol ~ ready!