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Sacred Body Incense

We've been working hard over here at The Scented Djinn to bring you something unique and we believe we've struck upon it -- Sacred Body Incense. Like perfume, but not just perfume. Like incense, but not just incense. Our Sacred Body Incense is held in the hands and warmed by the skin, then gently rubbed over the body, leaving a trail of intense scent, or ~ burned on an electric burner or over a candle in an oil burner. Over the course of the day, if applied to skin, the scent lingers and changes with the chemistry of your skin, turning the body incense into something uniquely your own.

Our three offerings (coming 2 February 2015), are:

Apiana Sacra ~ purely herbal in nature, made with finely powdered white howjary frankincense, Hawaiian sandalwood powder, makko (Japanese bay), and white sage powder. We hand grind all the herbs, woods, and resins to ensure the scent is as intense and fresh as possible. Apiana Sacra is a spiritual and auric cleansing body incense, used to clear …

Body Incense at The Scented Djinn's Etsy Apothecary ~ February 2015

Body incense isn't something new to the world. It is believed to have originated in India a few thousand years ago, and progressed from there to other parts of Asia, China and Japan in particular. Body incense in Japan is a traditional form of perfume as liquid perfumes were rare there. Japanese body incense is called zukoh and is primarily made up of just a handful of aromatics, which include cinnamon, clove, camphor, and sometimes star anise, all finely ground to powder. Body incense is used by pouring a small amount into the palm of one hand and rubbing the hands together while cupping the incense, then the incense is spread through the hair, arms, neck, on the earlobes, or wherever, simply by rubbing it on. Body incense works with a person's perspiration to create a unique scent profile, and it is also often used as a natural deodorant with some people rubbing their incensed hands under their arms.

Our incense is created using the finest aromatics we can get our hands on,…

Buddha's Hand Citron Hydrosol

At The Scented Djinn Etsy apothecary ~

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