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Back To the Business of Art

The Scented Djinn would like to announce a series of classes beginning in August 2012. The schedule is not entirely ironed out as yet, but will be by the middle of July, or possibly sooner. Exact dates will be announced when the calendar has been set.

1 ~ Natural Botanical Soapmaking class August 2012

2 ~ Spiritual Awakening Anointing Oil class September 2012

3 ~  Golden Kyphi Incense class, and Three Kings Natural Botanical Soapmaking class October 2012

Also, the Portuguese version of the Natural Botanical Perfumery book is now only $48.00 USD, a reduction in price of almost 50% of the original. Why? Because I want to make this beautiful art more affordable to a broader audience, beginning with the bones of instruction. The book can be purchased through, just search 'Justine Crane'.

Primordial Scent 2012 Kick Off