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New Butters & Facial Elixir

The Scented Djinn would like to introduce two new butters for the holiday season ~ Hemp Cocoa Patchouli Sandalwood Relaxation Butter and Hemp Patchouli Royal Velvet Slumber Butter, both made with organic base oils.

Hemp Cocoa Patchouli Sandalwood Relaxation Butter is made in a base of organic cocoa butter with a couple of grams of pure bittersweet chocolate, a generous dose of organic hemp seed oil and a splash of organic sunflower oil, this is a relaxation butter heavenly scented with generous amounts of antique sandalwood oil and aged patchouli oil.

Soft, seductive, deep, relaxing ~ rub a little of this butter on your temples, your decollette, hands, arms, tummy, bum, legs and feet, right after a soothing warm bath or shower, or just before bed.

Infused with love and abundance.

Hemp Patchouli Royal Velvet Slumber Butter is made with organic hemp seed oil, organic kokum butter and organic cocoa butter with just a pinch of dark bittersweet chocolate that serves as the base for t…

Holiday Specials

The Scented Djinn is offering free shipping on all orders over $35 within the continental US; reduced shipping elsewhere in the world, until December 15th, presumably the final day to ship in order for your items to arrive in time for Christmas ~ only at our Etsy shop.

The Scented Djinn is offering free shipping on all orders at the ArtFire shop, if shipped within the continental US; reduced shipping elsewhere in the world, until December 15th.

We are accepting custom orders for butters, balms and solid parfums. If there's something special you want whipped up for the holidays, let us know and we'll get something lovely sent out to you.

Happy Holidays!

FREE Shipping November 27th

The Scented Djinn's perfumer celebrates a birthday on November 27th and has decided to give gifts rather than receive -- at both TSD's Etsy and ArtFire shops, your shipping will be deducted or returned for all orders placed on that day.

Perfumers Supplies on Etsy

I've put up a couple of selections of bottles for sale on Etsy. If you're a beginning perfumer, or just someone who collects weird little bottles, one of these lots is sure to catch your fancy.

Keep a watch out at The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary for more -- I will be posting small lots of bottles and other miscellaneous perfumery supplies for the next week or so.

ArtFire Additions

Serj has been added to the ArtFire line up of parfums and extraits, and Oshiba will soon follow, as will Kush Bakhur, and a few other select liquid parfums that are currently listed on Etsy.

Currently on Artfire are samples of Serj and Parma in these adorable little 1 ml steel ball roll-on bottles for $8.80 each; 5 ml bottles of both Serj and Parma for $38 each, and 9 ml green glass stoppered flacons for $58 each ~ certainly a sufficient enough variation of amounts and presentations to suit many tastes.
Art Show Tomorrow November 20, 10 am to 4 pm
Tomorrow I showcase The Scented Djinn, and Natural Botanical Perfumery, at the 4th annual Madera County Arts Council's Holiday Art Affair featuring over 30 artists and fine crafters selling original works. There is also going to be a book signing by children's author Monica Montelongo, and illustrator Rosemary Montelongo, as well as music, food, and youth art education. This event will be held tomorrow, November 20th from 10 am to 4 pm at the Circle Gallery (mall) at 1653 N. Schnoor Avenue, Madera, CA (for more information call 559-661-7005). It's supposed to rain. But! The Scented Djinn's wares will be under the porch on the north strip of offices, right on the end.

Even with the rain in the forecast, I'm still very much looking forward to this event. I'm hoping to talk to some young people about perfumery and perhaps garner some interest there. If you are able to make it out to Madera for this event, ple…

Ever Green Yule Woods Parfum Pot

Ever Green Yule Woods Parfum Pot is a scent in the simple series of solids here at The Scented Djinn, made using simple, yet decadent, essence blends.

Ever Green Yule Woods Parfum is a walk in a winter forest, with notes of fir balsam, silver fir and hemlock floating on the air, winding 'round notes of juniper berry and galbanum, and finishing up with beautiful creamy, buttery organic santal and a spicy dash of vintage nutmeg. Made in a base of unfiltered local golden beeswax and organic sunflower oil.

Apply this lovely solid parfum on your wrists and decollette to surround yourself with the exquisite bounty of Mother Nature.

16 grams in glass parfum pot

Marguerite Parfum Pot

Marguerite is part of the new simple series, a group of solid parfums created using simple, yet decadent, essence blends.

Marguerite is an amalgam of vanilla, ylang-ylang absolute, bergamot, patchouli and rose otto, made sweeter by the base of unfiltered local golden beeswax and organic sunflower oil. Sweet and delicate and beautiful.

Apply this lovely solid parfum on your wrists and decollette to surround yourself with the exquisite bounty of Mother Nature.

16 grams in a glass pot

The Scented Djinn Diversifies

The Scented Djinn is opening another perfume outlet at ArtFire at Book mark it.

The reason for another point of access? More exposure, and an outlet for the higher end items, such as custom perfume compositions, fancy bottle styles, and those perfumes which use more expensive and rare aromatics in higher concentrations than what goes on the Etsy site.

The Scented Djinn is also building a fully functioning website, but it may be some time before it goes online. There are bigger and better things to come for The Scented Djinn.

Four Perfume Sample Packet

TSD has listed a four perfume sample packet for those of you who are undecided ~ the four-pack includes Atay, Khodum, Kush Bakhur and the new Amber perfume. Each sample packet arrives in a purple velveteen pouch and is priced at $8. There is enough perfume in each sample vial for at least two test runs, or one really smelly test run.

Sahar Made Scent Hive's Holiday Gift Guide List!

Sahar, a perfume at TSD, made it onto Scent Hive's Holiday Gift Guide list this year!

Campania Solid Natural Parfum

Inspired by Anastasia Angelopolous' Bon Pomeriggio Sapone blood orange and cocoa soap, the djinn has created another cocoa-bound gourmand solid parfum highlighting the essences of a hand-crafted gardenia butter, blood orange, wild orange, cocoa absolute, orange blossom water absolute, antique santal, jasmine sambac, vanilla CO2, neroli, rose de mai and ylang-ylang, formulated into a base of organic sunflower oil and natural unfiltered beeswax.

This is a delicious smelling parfum solid with notes of sweet vanilla and cocoa twining 'round gardenia, orange blossoms and jasmine ~ inviting and seductive.

7 mls in glass parfum pot

Khamsa Solid Natural Parfum

NOTE: There are two Khamsa Solid Natural Parfums listed ~ one is the item pictured, 7 grams in a slip tin, the other is 7 grams in a glass parfum pot. Price for slip tin is $14; $18 for parfum pot.

Khamsa Solid Natural Parfum is Khamsa Eau Fraiche on steroids. Khamsa Solid is deeper, darker, more green and brown and floral than the liquid eau fraiche, which means it lasts hours and hours longer than the eau fraiche version, and the progression from top, heart to base is slow and fluid. And it's much more travel friendly.

This reformulated Khamsa includes notes of bergamot, yuzu, three types of lime, cilantro, jasmine sambac, rose otto, clove, petitgrain sur fleur neroli, a recently discovered 10-year-old patchouli, 45-year-old santal Mysore, Omani frankincense, frankincense serrata, lemon, and petitgrain bigarade ~ melted into organic sunflower oil and natural unfiltered beeswax.

Jalali Solid Natural Parfum

A little more delicate than Jalali Creme Parfum from earlier this year, this blend is made in organic sunflower, organic sweet almond and natural unfiltered beeswax (prior to this, Jalali Creme was made in Ecosoya soy wax and sweet almond). Jalali, as you may remember, is made with Himalayan cedar, ho wood, muhuhu, oakmoss, pink peppercorn and an infusion of mountain misery. This is a deliciously meditative and calming blend of aromatics.

Jalali Solid Natural Parfum at TSD ~

Aliah Solid Natural Parfum

Now at TSD Etsy Apothecary ~

Aliah Solid Parfum is -- deliciously fragrant, like petit fours of dark chocolate and cool honey sweetened tea.

Aliah, a delicacy, a precious offering made with notes of holy basil, bergamot, frangipani, rose, cananga, tuberose, gardenia, sandalwood, vanilla, aloeswood and cocoa ~ lots and lots of cocoa.

Third Eye Meditation Unguent

New at TSD, the Third Eye Meditation Unguent ~ for vivid prophetic dreams, for meditation, for peace and calm.

NEW Amber Parfum

Amber Parfum at TSD ~

NEW Amber Solid in Brass Locket

Amber. Ambery oriental. A lush aromatic solid inside a lovely brass locket ~ carry your scent with you 'round your neck, dab a bit on your wrists, behind your ears, along your forearms, or wear the locket close to your skin and allow your warmth to slowly release its scent into the air, infusing your clothes.

The Amber Solid is made in a base of organic pumpkin seed oil and beeswax. The scent is comprised of ambriene, benzoin, vanilla, rose attar, clary sage absolute, tonka, labdanum amber, rose damascena, cananga, honey, lemon, fresh ginger, and gardenia. Intoxicating.

The locket features a hummingbird sipping from a lotus flower.

New at The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary.