Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beeswax Candles at TSD

The beeswax candles are up on The Scented Djinn. Savor the warm honied glow of pure unfiltered beeswax.


  1. Are those candles scented? I cannot tell from the post.
    Btw, I am finally getting around to smelling those lovely little bottles with problematic corks (the second bag) and I just have to say now, they are all really wonderful. :) And I'm really happy those little bottles have enough for several wears (although one which cork broke evaporated).
    I have a friend who makes natural perfumes, I cannot wait to give her all those to try. :)

  2. Not scented. They're plain beeswax and smell of warm honey.

    I'm sorry, Ines, that the contents of one of the bottles evaporated. I am pleased that you are enjoying those which are still around :)



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