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Some Change at The Scented Djinn Apothecary

For some time now I've been struggling with keeping up with the Etsy shop, teaching online courses, writing tutorials, teaching in-person classes, and generally trying to figure out what you might like that I can make and sell. Sort of beating my head against the wall over it, actually. I haven't had a lot of opportunity to make something that I truly love, which explains why I can't keep stocked up on things in the shop -- no two soaps are ever the same, I throw some things together willy-nilly in the hopes you will like it when I'm not even 100% sure I like it!

Well, no more of that. The products I contribute that I've felt a real connection with thus far are a few different bars of soap -- anything patchouli, the poppymint soap, which is a big favorite (of mine), kyphi incense of all stripes, hydrosols, and on the rare occasion, when I'm being true to myself, a perfume -- like Parma, or Atay. A few skin products I really dig, like the Strange and Unusual soap I made a few years back with Himalayan sea salt and red clay -- that was fun, and the little pots du jour (which are going to become the norm now) of either solid perfumes, balms, or butters. I love making things that are intensely scented, that make me feel uplifted, inspired, happy. Just happy.

So from now on, The Scented Djinn's motto is 'making something beautiful'.


  1. Just ordered a few things - so looking forward to them, esp the kyphi incense!


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