Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Campania Solid Natural Parfum

Inspired by Anastasia Angelopolous' Bon Pomeriggio Sapone blood orange and cocoa soap, the djinn has created another cocoa-bound gourmand solid parfum highlighting the essences of a hand-crafted gardenia butter, blood orange, wild orange, cocoa absolute, orange blossom water absolute, antique santal, jasmine sambac, vanilla CO2, neroli, rose de mai and ylang-ylang, formulated into a base of organic sunflower oil and natural unfiltered beeswax.

This is a delicious smelling parfum solid with notes of sweet vanilla and cocoa twining 'round gardenia, orange blossoms and jasmine ~ inviting and seductive.

7 mls in glass parfum pot


  1. Sounds wonderful! :) Except ylang :)

  2. Very little ylang. I'm not a big fan of ylang-ylang. I do, however, like cananga -- go figure.



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