Monday, November 8, 2010

Khamsa Solid Natural Parfum

NOTE: There are two Khamsa Solid Natural Parfums listed ~ one is the item pictured, 7 grams in a slip tin, the other is 7 grams in a glass parfum pot. Price for slip tin is $14; $18 for parfum pot.

Khamsa Solid Natural Parfum is Khamsa Eau Fraiche on steroids. Khamsa Solid is deeper, darker, more green and brown and floral than the liquid eau fraiche, which means it lasts hours and hours longer than the eau fraiche version, and the progression from top, heart to base is slow and fluid. And it's much more travel friendly.

This reformulated Khamsa includes notes of bergamot, yuzu, three types of lime, cilantro, jasmine sambac, rose otto, clove, petitgrain sur fleur neroli, a recently discovered 10-year-old patchouli, 45-year-old santal Mysore, Omani frankincense, frankincense serrata, lemon, and petitgrain bigarade ~ melted into organic sunflower oil and natural unfiltered beeswax.

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