Sunday, October 19, 2014

Recent Reviews of Our Scented Wares

On Lavender Kyphi Supreme Incense ~ "I ordered three incenses; all were works of olfactory art, and I'm reviewing this one because it's my favourite. The scent is so serene, quieting the mind for meditation, carrying away stress, or perfuming the room before sleep. I love my entire order and am so glad to have this wonderful incense that is obviously handmade with such care." Oct. 17, 2014

On Modhlim ~ "A wonderful scent - mysterious and exotic. Makes one feel special wearing it." October 17, 2014

On Pink Lotus Spiritual Awakening Kyphi Incense ~ "Delicious smelling. I need a lifetime supply! Thank you" October 12, 2014

On Pywacket A Black Cat Parfum ~ What a Halloween treat! If you're an anise lover, you'll be smitten. On me, the dry down is a gorgeous combination of anise and bitter orange. Mmm..." October 6, 2014

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