Sunday, October 19, 2014


I love serendipitous meetings! Yesterday, after spending a bit of time wrapping and labeling two small batches of soap, I walked down to the tea shop (Wilwand) to deliver some of the soap. After sitting at the tea bar for an hour or so, and drinking down three cups of a magical blend that was out of this world beautiful, I opened the bag of goodies to show the shop keep. I had brought three Sarasvati soaps, and seven Lavender Kyphi soaps, plus a sample of Sarasvati for the owner to use, and a sample of the newest compounded incense resin and parfum, Thracian Rose ~ well, the incense parfum got worn and burned, and four bars of soap were sold before I left the place! I do have to admit, though, that these latest scent wares have come out stunningly fragrant and hit the spot olfactorily with a lot of people. The reason I brought only three of the Sarasvati soap? I held back about half this batch for myself because it's just that darned good! Normally I keep the end cuts and the 'uglies', but not this time. No. This time I treated myself to big hunking lovelies loaded with earthy scent. Just the way I like them ~ ha!

Thracian Rose Incense & Solid Parfum

Sarasvati under wraps

Lavender Kyphi nudes

Lavender Kyphi 'dressed'

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