Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Egyptian Kyphi Parfum Oil

"Exquisite! The Egyptian Kyphi Parfum Oil is a rich, complex scent. I love wearing it, and the way it mellows through the day. This shop is exquisite overall - fast shipping, excellent products - highly recommended."

Premium White Howjary Frankincense Resin From Oman Salalah Boswellia Sacra Superior

"Truly ethereal frankincense resin. Unbelievable quality and results"

Mahidevran Skin and Hair Elixir

"The Mahidevran Skin and Hair Elixir is lovely, and a little does go a long way. My skin is happy, and I'd been looking for a long time for a quality moisturizer. Thank you for shipping quickly, and having such fantastic products."

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