Monday, February 9, 2015

Back to Basics

In recent years, The Scented Djinn has been focused primarily on perfume. Prior to that, years and years ago, The Scented Djinn was Delicia, and before that, Sierra Soapourri, and we created lush natural skincare

-- body butters, soaps, body scrubs, balms, and anointing oils. Since experimenting with kyphi incense just three short years ago, we've slowly evolved (or re-evolved) to our roots, with a lot more experience in scenting under our belts. This year, 2015, we are focusing on all manner of decadence and healing, and are going to be producing more natural skincare (scented just right) than ever before. We will continue to create beautiful one-of-a-kind perfumes, and will be expanding our incense lines, both for the home/temple and the body. Since we are a small artisan business and enjoy experimenting with natural elements in their raw state (flowers, barks, leaves, resins), we will be offering many limited edition healing aromatics -- beard oils and face oils featuring jasmine and honeysuckle pommades created in our lab; small batch hydrosols made from locally grown organic produce and wildharvested raw materials, and on the occasion, small wee bitty batches of superior frankincense hydrosol will be highlighted. This year we've got our eyes on an enormous Cecile Brunner tea rose tree that grows along the fence of our favorite plant nursery in Los Osos. With their permission, which we received last year, we will be harvesting and distilling for hydrosol those lovely tea roses in a bath with whole vetyver root from India.

The dream of the Thurifercorium lives on.

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