Friday, February 13, 2015

Beard Oils ~ In the Works

We've been toying with the idea of creating something special for the boys. Beards are all the rage these days, and we say, yay! to beards -- it's hard not to notice the bearded ones as they're so darned handsome! The best beards, long or short, are those that are carefully tended, trimmed and perfumed (think Babylonian kings). After a few months researching the best ingredients to use in beards, we think we've hit upon the perfect beard grooming solution.

It's nice to be building something for the boys again. Back in our more formal business days, when we were co-owners of the lovely store Delicia in the Tower District of Fresno, CA, we created a number of lovely skincare goodies for the guys -- Tesla, a beautiful after shave skin balm that just screamed manly manliness, and our Himalayan cedar body butter, and then there was a gorgeous, deep, smoky, earthy, dirty soap using loads of Haitian vetyver root oil. We had a customer, a man, who would come into our shop every Friday (presumably payday) and he would purchase a bar of vetyver soap and a jar of our luscious lavender & sandalwood body butter. He told us once that he wore the butter like cologne and the girls 'were all over' him at the club.  So there you go. Good for-man skin and hair care has its benefits.

We've got two beard oils in the works, they're not quite done but they're very close.

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  1. I literally cannot put into word's how good this stuff smells! beard oils



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