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La Tubereuse Eau Fraiche Giveaway


La Tubereuse Eau Fraiche is lovely. Exquisite. Refreshing. And if you spray it on your clothes, the scent lingers for days . . .

One lucky winner will receive a FULL 35 ml bottle (retail value $47 USD) by leaving a comment AND making this blog or the Oh True Apothecary blog a favorite on Networked Blogs or Google Friend Connect. Tell me which one you're connecting to in your comment and you're in!

BONUS GIFT! The Scented Djinn will also toss in a full 2ml sample of the newest, yet-to-be-released extrait, Atay.

So, belly up and get in for your chance to win!


  1. Bummer i am not savvy with all of that stuff so i guess i have to stay with my plan at hand and save my pennies to buy La Tubereuse. :)

  2. You have me linked on your blog, that's good enough :)

  3. I'm already a follower on Google, and would love to be in the running for this one! Thanks so much.

    Yours, LBV

  4. I'm a follower on Facebook (Diana Wiener Rosengard), and I'd love to enter! Also, I'm adding you to the blogroll on my blog, Feminine Things.

  5. I'll link to you from my various blog, facebook whatever it takes. Sounds SO good! Ruth

  6. Thank you Diana. You're in the draw too :)

  7. Oh I'm a follower [of all Justine things and sundry]! :-)

    Holly [or HJ]

  8. Hi, I'm following Scented Djinn now (I already am a follower of True Apothecary).
    This is a really generous give-away, hope I win. :)

  9. I'm following you here...very generous of you to give away a bottle !

  10. Hi Ines, hope all is well with you. You're in the draw for the bottle :)

  11. Hi Carol, you're in the draw. Generous or crazy, I can't decide . . . :)

  12. I follow on both networked blogs & blogger; Thanks :)

  13. Great Gretchen! You're in the draw :) Thanks for entering.

  14. So curious how tuberose smells like :) Is it dominant in this scent?

    I follow you (and OTA) through Google Reader :)
    It doesn't matter if it doesn't count - still compliments on good blog design (matching this post/picture perfectly!)

  15. I hadn't even noticed they matched!

    Tuberose, good tuberose, smells like a cross between honeysuckle and orange blossoms, heady and sweet and heavy. Bad tuberose smells almost metallic and weirdly meat-like. It has to be diluted from its absolute form to around 2% to achieve the true scent of the blossom.

    You're in :)

  16. Oh, and the tuberose is pretty dominant in this scent. The vanilla sweetens it just a touch, and the patchouli holds it down a bit (to earth) keeping it from flying away. It's really nice -- I wear it every day and everyone gives me the, "Ah, you smell so nice!" comment.

  17. I'm here and folowwing you...


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