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New Soap Ready August 14

The newest soap from The Scented Djinn will be ready August 14. Beautifully scented with loads of aged patchouli (no kidding, I just tipped the big liter bottle and poured), spike lavender, siam wood, and nutmeg CO2 ~ it smells heavenly! The base is a simple virgin organic olive oil, virgin organic coconut oil, and a dollop of luscious coconut cream. These soaps promise to be something spectacular.

Sexy, mad, wild, perfectly imperfect Falling Into Autumn super scented soap!

Falling Into Autumn ~ patchouli, spike lavender, siam wood & nutmeg CO2


  1. I wish you were sending your soaps to Australia. The sound REALLY good.
    Portia xx

    1. I'm changing things up at the Etsy shop and offering more items internationally. I was selling mostly alcohol based perfumes for so long the restrictions were, well, restrictive, so I decided to cut all international sales. Plus I moved to a new town and shipping is a bit easier here than where I was before. Keep an eye out, the shop will be offering more to international clientele very soon. Thanks!


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