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Sacred Body Incense

We've been working hard over here at The Scented Djinn to bring you something unique and we believe we've struck upon it -- Sacred Body Incense. Like perfume, but not just perfume. Like incense, but not just incense. Our Sacred Body Incense is held in the hands and warmed by the skin, then gently rubbed over the body, leaving a trail of intense scent, or ~ burned on an electric burner or over a candle in an oil burner. Over the course of the day, if applied to skin, the scent lingers and changes with the chemistry of your skin, turning the body incense into something uniquely your own.

Our three offerings (coming 2 February 2015), are:

Apiana Sacra ~ purely herbal in nature, made with finely powdered white howjary frankincense, Hawaiian sandalwood powder, makko (Japanese bay), and white sage powder. We hand grind all the herbs, woods, and resins to ensure the scent is as intense and fresh as possible. Apiana Sacra is a spiritual and auric cleansing body incense, used to clear the body of negative spiritual influence and protect against negative spiritual attachments. This is purely speculative, but both frankincense and white sage have been used for thousands of years as tools for air and spirit purification, and we attempt to embrace that tradition.

Oudh & Roses ~ finely powdered aloeswood is combined with finely powdered pink rose petals, Hawaiian sandalwood, a pinch of true cinnamon, vintage orris root, and vetyver root to create the base for which drops of exotic scent are added. We added organic rose otto and a rare valerian concrete -- one exalts, the other deepens. The valerian concrete smells nothing like valerian herb -- it is sweet and earthy and embodies many of the qualities of oudh.

Djinn Fleur ~ beautifully floral and fresh, with notes of petitgrain and neroli, jasmine sambac, tuberose, hyacinth, vanilla, and carob extract, and made in a base of Hawaiian sandalwood powder and guava powder. Exotic and rich, sweet and enveloping.

We are very excited about these new offerings and can't wait to get your feedback!


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    1. Thank you, Carol. They are surprising, and a nice way to scent the body.


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