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Hand Crafted Pure Natural Incense Sticks Coming Soon!

We've been experimenting our fingers off over here in the lab of fumes and we've finally hit upon a perfect recipe for building lovely all natural hand crafted incense sticks. Some of the pastes we've created using natural, highly scented raw materials have been somewhat difficult to mold onto the sticks -- it's been a real struggle to come up with just the right combination of resin powders to herb powders to organic bamboo charcoal powder (the ignition switch) that are both 'sticky' and will adhere to the bamboo sticks, and something beautifully fragrant and worthy of presenting to the world.

This is a prototype stick ~

We've opted out of rolling the sticks in the chunkier bits of sandalwood and have ground that sandalwood down to more evenly coat the sticks. And just so you know, that sandalwood's been soaking in a 10X tincture of pink jasmine for a week.

Watch for the debut of our newest scent-sational offering ~ natural mini incense sticks!


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