Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Solid Parfum & Roll-On Parfum

There are only a few of these little gems left -- and I am adding a simple blue lotus solid soon, but here's the "thing", you only have a few days left to order your smellies before the holidays, and some of these are being purchased from the back door . . . here now, gone in five minutes. You don't want to miss out on the Jalali Creme Parfum with its one-of-a-kind scent profile ~ comes from the mountain misery/kit-kit-dizzee (I didn't make up that/those name(s) so please don't tell me it's/they're no good and to change it/them, k? My name's Justine, and as lousy as you think that name may be, I still won't let you call me Rosemary because you like it better).

The roll-on parfum I'm working on, the one with that really lovely galbanum resin, is going up soon -- you don't want to miss out. It contains a really rare green fig tincture that's had all the alcohol evaporated off, leaving this dark, delicious, green-toned, figgy/pruney syrup. Other notes in this Mediterranean themed parfum oil are cardamom and frankincense carterii absolute. I'm presenting these in slim 10 ml roll-on bottles. They're so cute!

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