Sunday, January 10, 2010

Valentine Luuuuv

Furiously working on the Valentine offerings ~ yeah, I know, we barely wrapped up the winter holidays and already, here we are, faced with candies and perfume and jewelry decisions.
The Djinn will try to make it a little easier on you ~ several "flavors" of botanical perfume offerings will be put on the Etsy site over the next week or two; small, affordable, and delicious, limited edition offerings.
Amongst the offerings are:
Amirah ~ an ambrosial blend of feminine floral notes, sparkling citrus and smooth, warm resins. Key notes: jasmine grandiflorum, rose de mai, ylang and ambriene.
Sahar ~ a spicy, honey'd floral with lush woody notes. Key notes: honey, ginger and sandalwood.
Rahiq ~ a floral chypre with soft, powdery undertones. Key notes: rosa bourbonia, ylang, oakmoss and sugar.
Nadira ~ a lush rose and oudh parfum. Key notes: rose otto and oudh.
Jilan ~ a courtier in vanilla and patchouli. Key notes: bergamot, cocoa, vanilla and patchouli.
Ghusun ~ a dark, mossy green parfum. Key notes: violets, sandalwood and green tea.
These are limited edition parfums, eau de parfum and eau de toilettes.


  1. I have no Valentine, but i will shower myself with love and smelly goodies.

  2. That's actually the best way to get a Valentine -- you pick it yourself so you're sure to love it :)



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