Friday, April 9, 2010

Tropical Hempatchouli Body Butter

I've been using my own product, the Tropical Hempatchouli Body Butter, and I have say it's pretty wonderful. Smells rich and earthy with tropical hints of coconut and cacao, sinks into skin wonderfully, and is great for moisturizing your face! I use it on my face every day -- and my arms, and my skin looks nice and smooth and hydrated. I tend toward dry skin this time of year and this butter takes care of that (so long as I apply it right out of the shower). It's whipped so the texture is soft and fluffy, which seems a bit deceptive as one would think a big dollop would be perfect -- not! A big dollop is waaaayyyyy too much! A tiny scraping is all that's needed. And the butter comes in a really nifty reusable latch top apothecary jar. Really cool.

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