Saturday, May 1, 2010


Luscious Tropical Hempatchouli Butter is on sale all through May in honor of Beltane and Mother's Day. Retail price is $25, special sale price is $15 -- get 'em while they're hot! Oh, wait, you don't wat these hot, they melt! Okay, get 'em while they're still whipped and delicious! The warm weather is upon us and these luscious butters won't tolerate the heat.

Get 'em here.

I have four tins of this butter scrub left and I really want to clear the space in my studio for other stuff, so I've dropped the price of the butter -- again. It started out $14.50, went on special in March and April at $10, and now I'm dumping it even further to $5!!! Five bucks! For a big 6 oz tin of scrubby patchouli cilantro yumminess! C'mon, guys, help me out here -- these tins are huge and I need the room they're taking up for other yummy stuff. My cup -- er-- uh -- drawers runneth over.

Get it here.

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