Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NEW Soap!

One new soap, two sizes ~ Patchouli and Stuff Regular Size Handmade Botanical Soap (that little 'un there on the saucer), and Patchouli and Stuff Chunky Size Handmade Botanical Soap (that fat bar there on the granite).

Why two sizes? Why not? Some people like to cut bits and pieces off their soap to share, or to make the whole bar last a bit longer, other people like big bars of clunky soap in their hands, while yet others prefer regular hand-sized bars to rub over their skin.

Beautifully scented with three different patchouli oils, Peru balsam, a little pink grapefruit, a splash of cassia and some holy basil -- smells deep and resinous and delicious. And the base is made with The Scented Djinn's favorite oils -- virgin olive, coconut, organic cocoa butter and organic hempseed.

Get a big one to share, or a regular one to hoard, either way, it's all good. Really good.

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