Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New NBP Course to Begin in March at NNAPA

Nature's Nexus Academy of Perfuming Arts is set to begin the next year-long course in Natural Botanical Perfumery beginning March 2011. You'll have to check the site for details as I don't get into the administrative end of things very much, I simply tutor the course.

Once again, the course manual and workbook have been rewritten to reflect changes in methods and manner of streamlining the process -- in other words, unfussing the whole business of building perfume. We instruct in all sorts of perfume formulating modalities at NNAPA -- from the Carles method, the Curtis method, the old English and French methods, to the ever popular "intuitive method". Our course is tailored toward busy folks, folks with families, jobs and real lives outside the perfume community. Truthfully, the course could easily be taught in 4 to 6 months, but it would require daily participation, daily reading and study, daily trial studies -- I may suggest to the administration that we offer a crash course of sorts for those in the crashing mode.

We've also added a short bit of instruction on steam/hydro distillation for essential oil and hydrolats, and the newest version of the manual will include instruction on the butane extraction method of obtaining absolutes. The manual and workbook with accompanying Essence Evaluation Kit and Formulators Kit are stand-alones, you wouldn't need to take the course to get substantial benefit from the instruction with those items in your educational arsenal. They too can be got at NNAPA.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning Natural Botanical Perfumery, contact the administrator at NNAPA.

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