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Do Your Skin a Favor

So summer's done with, over, finito! But with the cooler days come a different set of skin problems, particularly the dreaded dryness. Summer is all about cooling and saving sun scorched skin, winter's about hydration, and nothing hydrates quite as nicely as a big glass of purified water -- um -- for drinking, of course, and a spritz of calming frankincense hydrosol now and again. Home distilled in January 2009, The Scented Djinn's lovely and gorgeously aromatic frankincense hydrosol is just the ticket. Do your skin a favor and love it up with hydrosols this winter!


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Egyptian Kyphi Parfum Oil

The Egyptian Kyphi Parfum Oil is now ready and is listed on our Etsy site for sale.

We formulated the parfum oil using two kinds of frankincense oil, a carterii with high pine notes, and a rivae with soft woody warm note, then we added a vintage myrrh, a vintage lemongrass oil, a bit of green cognac for the wine aspect, warm, sweet benzoin, galangal, mastic, cedarmoss, camphor, labdanum, pine, cedarwood, cassia, santal, orris, galbanum, and honey. Made in organic jojoba. 10 mls roll-on bottle.

The Fabulous Blue Lotus Kyphi is Ready!

Blue Lotus Kyphi ~ Lotus Eaters Kyphi

I am offering this Kyphi in two weights ~ 3 grams and 15 grams. The 3-gram option is $10.80 USD, and the 15-gram option is $49.50. Indulge yourself with the scent of rare blue lotus phytol, saffron, and frankincense resins.

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