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A Little About The Scented Djinn's Hydrosols

I wasn't sure if anybody was aware, though I've put it in print on several venues, that I make the hydrosols I sell. Sometimes they're the goal of a distillation, sometimes they're the happily accepted consequence of an attempt at obtaining essential oils, either way, the hydros are just gorgeous. Especially the frankincense boswellia carterii. One very important thing I've learned making hydrosols, is that they need to age, just like an essential oil needs a few weeks of settling time after distillation to rid itself of those nasty still notes, so do hydros. The frankincense was ok, very bright and lemony with high resinous tones ~ today, it's just unbelievably spectacular. If you were to sniff it from the bottle with your eyes closed, you wouldn't be able to tell it apart from an open bottle of pure frankincense essential oil, it's that strong and deep and delicious. So if you like frankincense and you like supporting small indy business like The Scented Djinn and you love using fabulous natural skin care, I recommend you get yourself a bottle of at least the frankincense hydrosol -- for your skin.


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