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Raves About The Scented Djinn's "Strange and Unusual Bolivian Rose Salt and Moroccan Clay Soap"

From Becca M. ~ I've been using antibiotics and other acne medication for years to keep my chronic acne in check, but since I started using this weird soap (that's the Strange and Unusual Bolivian Rose . . . Soap) I haven't had to use any of my creams, and I let my antibiotic prescription run out! I don't need them anymore. Don't ever stop making this incredible soap!

Little Sister ~ My sis got a big bar of this and cut off a piece for me. She said it would help with my acne, and it really has!

Anonymous ~ What is this stuff? It's like magic!

From the Djinn: I'm not sure what that last comment means, but . . . whatever, I'll take it!


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