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Overwhelming Response!

The creme parfums at The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary are a hit! Jalali sold out in less than two weeks, there is only one Garden of Kedar left, and the latest offering, Viridian Grotto, is down to three available. All I can say to my faithful customers is THANK YOU! Thank you so very much for appreciating these delicate little creme parfums ~ I put a lot of thought and work into their creation and to see them being appreciated in this way warms my heart.

But that's not all . . . free shipping is still on the books and if you order and shipping is added, I'll see it and remove it; Jalali is in its second batch soon to be offered (later today, methinks), and there's another little lovely brewing, a blue lotus blend that will blow your mind. And maybe something else after that.

Again, thank you, my scented lovlies :)


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