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Pine Cone Fireballs at The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary!

Pine Cone Fireballs are an old mountain favorite of mine, really fun for the holidays. These are scavenged pine cones that have been washed and air dried, then sprayed with green mandarin, pink grapefruit, cinnamon leaf oil and a little love bud oil, then covered in powdered spices ~ star anise, allspice, tons of cinnamon, and "sealed" with a little frankincense hydrosol.What do you do with them? Oh, well, you can leave them in a bowl for everyone to sniff as they pass by, or you can use them for their intended purpose, fodder for the fireplace :) Thus, the "fireballs" at the end of their name . . . Carefully toss ONE fireball at a time into your fireplace or outdoor firepit, cover with a screen, and stand in amazement as the air fills with the lulling scent of holiday cheer. Okay, that was a bunch of utter marketing bs, but the air will smell piney and a bit like mulled wine. 2 cones per bag, 1 large, one small

Pine Cone Fireballs


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