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Vanilla Ginger Handmade Soap ~

The Scented Djinn's Vanilla Ginger Decadent Handmade soap is delicious ~ like fruitcake should be, but isn't, but looks like it could be, but isn't. So instead of giving a hard-as-a-hockey-puck fruitcake for gifts this year, why not splurge and buy something you know they're really going to love? Something they'll actually use for other than propping open a swinging door? Yeah, they're about a sixteenth the size of one of those cow patty fruitcakes, but the pleasure your friends and relatives will receive, both from not trying to apply a smile to their mortified faces when you hand over a fruitcake loosely wrapped in cling film with a big red bow on top (like that makes it all better), and from the knowledge that you actually thought about them (hey, everyone bathes, right? Well, we hope) far overrides your reluctance to hand over a little 3.5 oz package bursting with real vanilla essence with a bit of fresh ginger spice.

There are loads of vanilla in this soap. Vanilla bourbon CO2, vanilla bean infusion oil, a hand-tinctured vanilla bean extract, and chunks, bits and pieces of cut up vanilla bean mashed into the top. The only thing that keeps this vanilla bomb from exploding all over and drenching you in sugary sweet vanillaness is the ginger ~ it adds just the right amount of spice to hold off that sweet-tooth pain. And there are pieces of real ginger candy mashed on top of the soap too -- so it does sort of resemble a fruitcake.

Remember, The Scented Djinn is still offering free shipping until January 1, 2010, so go get you some!


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