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Perfumery Course

As some of you have seen, I have offered a one-year intensive online Natural Botanical Perfumery course.

Here's how it works, as far as signing up and paying for the course:

You go here and click on the "pay now" button under the heading "Refundable Application Fee". The fee is $40 and if your application is accepted, you move onto the next phase of the application process -- the deposit. If your application is rejected, and it does happen some times, your $40 fee will be refunded to you.

The deposit is due as soon as your application has been approved. The deposit is $225 and it holds your spot in the class, guaranteeing your participation. The next step is paying the remainder, in which the application fee of $40 and deposit of $225 have been deducted, of $685 by the deadline date of April 20th. Your kits and work book will begin arriving shortly after, and should be in your possession by the start of the course on May 24th. You will also have access to the academy prior to the course starting to acquaint yourself with the format.

I have personally been working on the work book for this course for the past four years and feel that it offers quite a lot for the beginning to intermediate Natural Botanical Perfumer. Maybe even something for those old timers too.

If you're interested, please don't hesitate to ask questions. A brief FAQ is included on the website and I'd be happy to answer any other questions you might have.

I am also offering this at The Scented Djinn Etsy store.


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