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About That Perfume Workbook

Aside from here, on my "business blog" and over at my "not business blog", oh, and at Etsy, there's not been a lot of pushing and shoving of this workbook down the throats of unsuspecting innocent potential Natural Botanical Perfumers. Why? I'm not comfortable with doing that kind of thing, regardless of the fact that it's biz'nezzzz. If I have to pound you into submission, cause you to move to a new ZIP code, malign you on public forums, or make underhanded snarky remarks about your lack of abilities as a human being because you didn't rush on over and hit the "buy now" button for my uber sexy workbook, then I don't want your business. Because that would just make you a sheep, and I'm not a shepherd.

Now if, on the other hand, you decided you wanted a well thought out workbook full of practical applications that would help clear up and dispel the great natural perfumery myth, then yeah, hit me up.


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