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Khodum ~ Servant Spirit of the Djinn Eau de Parfum

Khodum Eau de Parfum now available at The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary.

Beauty in the hand of wickedness . . .

Khodum is made of spice and earth, subterranean shadows of anise and musky ambrette, lush florals, transient mosses, and sour notes of apple and davana.

Key notes: badiane, ambrette, tuberose, spiced florals and apple blossom.

Also includes notes of petitgrain bigarade, neroli, cinnamon bark, lemon petitgrain, rose petal tincture, hyacinth evulsion, blue lotus, jasmine grandiflorum, black currant bud, vanilla, almond, cognac, and a rare, vintage oakmoss resin.

Based on a brief written by NNAPA perfumery student and blogger extraordinaire, Dimitrios Dimitriadis.

5 ml bottle in velveteen pouch


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