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Face Scrubs On Sale

We've got a few of these face scrub deals left ~ the two-for-one sale.

The Scented Djinn will send you, our choice, two of our delicious skin-loving scrubs from this list:

Karima Scrub ~ French green clay, finely ground forbidden purple rice, and rhassoul clay (80 grams) --- and/or ---

Haseki Scrub ~ organic cane sugar, raw ground almonds and ground organic coconut (80 grams) --- and/or ---

Mahidevran Scrub ~ raw ground pumpkin seeds, organic hemp seeds, black poppy seeds, powdered red rose petals (62 grams) ---and/or---

Jamshyd Green Rooibos & Blueberry Seed Scrub ~ ground forbidden rice, green rooibos tea and blueberry seeds --- and/or ---

Sapphira Pomegranate & Violets Sugar Scrub ~ organic cane sugar, forbidden rice, Anardano pomegranate powder and violet flower powder (80 grams)

These are dry scrubs which make them versatile and long-lasting. No worries about refrigerating them (unless you get a little water inside the jar). Add one of our home distilled hydrosols to wet the scrub and gently rub on your face, or use honey, a little milk, some yogurt ~ whatever your face loves.

Two big bottles for only $6.50 plus shipping while supplies last . . . Go get you some!


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