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The Scented Djinn's Hydrosols

The Scented Djinn is building up quite a collection of hydrosols, and more are coming in the near future. A few customers and friends have told me they're using the hydrosols in some of their products -- the lime has found its way into a lime and coconut perfume, and the kombu sea kelp was poured into a batch of soap! Talk about multi-purpose!

Some people think hydrosols are limited in use, but I'm here to tell you, it ain't so. Did you know you can drink them? Add them to cake batter for a touch of flavor and scent? Imagine a lovely white cake with a hint of key lime or luscious nectarine flavor. What a treat! And as some people have been doing, adding them to their own creative processes -- perfumes and soap!

You can spray the hydrosols on your wet hair after a shower, or even add a bit to your scent-free conditioner for a little extra oomph. What hydrosols do for your skin is beyond amazing. Add them to your facial scrubs or simply use them as toners or skin refreshers. It's all good.


  1. Your absolutely right Justine ~ hydrosols are wonderful and so versatile!

    My current uses: I use a high altitude fine lavender hydrosol [purchased on my recent trip to France] which I spritz on my cleansed face just before applying moisturiser, for a little added moisture. I also use a little dash of orange blossom hydrosol in my morning coffee prior to studying. I read in an article by Jeanne Rose [I think!] that it can help with coffee related jitters so gave it a go... I love coffee but it does make my eyes skip across the page. It certainly does help!!

    I could have bought a multitude of hydrosols whilst in France, direct from distilleries, but the room left in my suitcase did not permit it. Cornflower, Elderflower, Melissa and Orange Blossom are the four I did buy ~ I just wish I could buy these in Australia!! :-(


  2. Elderflower? I wonder how an elderberry hydro would turn out? They grow in abundance in the Sierra Nevada mountains -- about an hour away. A road trip may be in order soon :)

    Yes, orange flower in coffee, I think that was Jeanne Rose. I've put lime hydrosol in cake batter and it turned out so nice. A great light summer cake. I also add a teaspoon or two to water or tea.

    Hydrosols are very versatile.


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