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Coffrett's Moving Fast~

Two of the three coffrett's of limited edition scents have already sold out! There are one of each of the following left:

Nadira, Jilan & Azhar ~ Sweet little coffrett of three of TSD's most intense perfumes ~

Nadira is made with aged tinctured aloeswood resin, rose otto, pink lotus absolute, immortelle, lavender seville absolute, ambriene, frangipani and orris butter. Nadira is exotic and intoxicating with deep woody notes bolstered by lush roses and sweet, honeyed florals. Limited Edition.

Jilan is the gourmandy one, an eau de parfum drenched in sticky sweet vanilla, dark, oozy chocolate and earthy patchouli ~ the courtier seeking your approval. Key Notes: Vanilla, cocoa, patchouli. Also includes ~ bergamot. Limited Edition.

~ and ~

Azhar is a deliciously gourmand perfume lush with cocoa and jasmine ~ intoxicating, sweet and floral. Very tenacious. A sultry girl's perfume, or a daring, fearless young man's perfume. Key Notes: Cocoa absolute and jasmine sambac. Also includes ~ Vanuatu sandalwood, ylang-ylang, clementine CO2, blood orange and bergamot. Limited Edition.

3 - 2 ml corked bottles.


Nicole, Khalida & Ghusun ~ A lovely coffrett of some of TSD's sweetest, if not odd, offerings ~

Nicole is, in a word, Fruity! Nicole EdP is a sweet, fruity/floral blend with notes of sandalwood and rose. Key Notes: Neroli, rosewood, Mexican lime. Also includes notes of ~ tonka, patchouli, sandalwood, rose, clary, hiba and bergamot. Limited Edition.

Khalida is for people who have a penchant for the more rank smelling perfumes, a "beautiful stench" with "synergy". This edp fits the bill, opening with ripe goat cheese and fruit and drying down to a sweet, languid floral of jasmine grandiflorum and osmanthus with a backdrop of dark, syrupy fig and oudh, really much more beautiful than one might imagine. Key Notes ~ fig, jasmine, osmanthus and green cardamom, with just a hint of goat cheese evulsion. Also includes notes of oudh (more stinkiness), muhuhu, frankincense, orange blossom water absolute and ambriene. Limited Edition.

~ and ~

Ghusun is dark, green, mossy, woody, sweet dainty floral is Ghusun. Verdant. Soft. Ethereal. Key Notes: violets, sandalwood and green tea. Also includes ~ rose otto, long pepper, vintage patchouli, basil, vetyver, boronia, clary sage, lavender, galbanum, jasmine grandiflorum. Limited Edition.

All in organic grain alcohol.

3 - 2 ml corked bottles

Mix'n'Match, buy them as gifts, keep a few, give the others away -- once they're gone, they're gone forever. Make room for the new fall line-up!

At The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary ~*~


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