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Ever Green Yule Woods Parfum Pot

Ever Green Yule Woods Parfum Pot is a scent in the simple series of solids here at The Scented Djinn, made using simple, yet decadent, essence blends.

Ever Green Yule Woods Parfum is a walk in a winter forest, with notes of fir balsam, silver fir and hemlock floating on the air, winding 'round notes of juniper berry and galbanum, and finishing up with beautiful creamy, buttery organic santal and a spicy dash of vintage nutmeg. Made in a base of unfiltered local golden beeswax and organic sunflower oil.

Apply this lovely solid parfum on your wrists and decollette to surround yourself with the exquisite bounty of Mother Nature.

16 grams in glass parfum pot


  1. This sounds like a really nice fresh perfume.

  2. It's kind of fresh and dense, like the shadows in a thick forest of evergreens. It kind of reminds me of when we used to cut down trees at the tree farm for Christmas -- the strong aromatic scent of freshly cut wood, pine needles and sap, rich and heavy and comforting.


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