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NEW Amber Solid in Brass Locket

Amber. Ambery oriental. A lush aromatic solid inside a lovely brass locket ~ carry your scent with you 'round your neck, dab a bit on your wrists, behind your ears, along your forearms, or wear the locket close to your skin and allow your warmth to slowly release its scent into the air, infusing your clothes.

The Amber Solid is made in a base of organic pumpkin seed oil and beeswax. The scent is comprised of ambriene, benzoin, vanilla, rose attar, clary sage absolute, tonka, labdanum amber, rose damascena, cananga, honey, lemon, fresh ginger, and gardenia. Intoxicating.

The locket features a hummingbird sipping from a lotus flower.

New at The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary.


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